Angličtina test B2–C1

Tento test se skládá ze 40 otázek a určí Vám přibližné zařazení do jednoho ze stupňů Evropského referenčního rámce jazyků v rozmezí B2 až C1.

  1. Where is the CD we gave you? What ___ with it?
  2. Tom can’t use his office at the moment. It ___ .
  3. Do you know what time ___ ?
  4. You can use my motorbike ___ carefully.
  5. He saw Mary ___ a concert last week.
  6. I think he is too ___ with his 3-year-old son. He shouldn’t shout at him all the time.
  7. The accident was your fault. If you ___ more carefully, it wouldn’t have happened.
  8. He is rich, he owns a ___ collection of painting.
  9. Can you let me know ___ ?
  10. Tate Britain, previously ___ the Tate Gallery, was founded in 1897.
  11. He offered to fund the building ___ that the State pay for the site.
  12. The exhibition was large, ___ on ultra-modern art.
  13. Have you heard that Mrs. Miller’s husband passed away? - Oh, really? I must send her a letter of ___ .
  14. Time flies when you’re having fun. – ___
  15. Which restaurant would you like to go to tonight? – ___ .
  16. For those who knew ___ had happened, the situation was quite clear.
  17. What are you doing this Saturday? – ___ .
  18. Are we going on holiday this summer? – ___ .
  19. I’m sick and tired of all the noise from the construction site. – ___ .
  20. Everyone’s had a lot of troubles recently. – ___
  21. He sure is rude and obnoxious.
  22. She looked at the new car in the showroom and asked the sales representative:
  23. The shopkeeper told him that she sold ___ .
  24. Just say so if you ___ .
  25. You will cause an accident if you drive like that. – ___ .
  26. Recently, doctors have expressed their ___ about the number of children suffering from depression.
  27. Some children and teenagers are bright, ___ performers.
  28. Tina and Tanya are ___ twins.
  29. The girls brought home ___ perfect report.
  30. ___ to avoid his wife’s tirade, the husband devised a plan of him own.
  31. Teachers would never ___ the sisters apart.
  32. Jack received the school’s highest award and his brother came a ___ second.
  33. ___ to Mauritius but the trip was something that I couldn’t afford.
  34. My friend said he had to go because it was his wife’s birthday and she would be furious if he ___ it to her party.
  35. Should you need the book, let me know and I ___ as soon as I can.
  36. ___ to Mauritius but the trip was something that I couldn’t afford.
  37. I’ll take some supplies with me in case ___ enough food to feed all the people who turn up.
  38. I’ve been waiting outside ___ for two hours.
  39. I wish I ___ the boss last night.
  40. Supposing Mum hadn’t wound up the alarm-clock, do you think you ___ ?